Euro 2024 at Freddy's +++ We'll be showing most of the games live in the Kyff and at Eigelstein +++ For every goal scored by the German team, you'll get a Gaffel schnapps on the house +++ We have Gaffel kegs with a cooling sleeve for you to tap yourself +++ Plus self-service popcorn +++

The Good Burger: MaiBeck

Enjoy our burger and support children an families in need!

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Freddy Schilling – better Burgers

A tribute to one of the greatest German burger-pioneers, Freddy Schilling – Die Hamburger Manufaktur stands for homemade burgers made from sustainably grown ingredients. 

Patties made from 100% organic beef grilled on lava-rocks, homemade sauces and side dishes, freshly baked buns and a whole lot of passion are Freddy's ingredients for your favourite Burger.

Drop by and give them a try – we’re looking forward to your visit!

Come by and enjoy our burgers

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Freddy Schilling Icon Neuland Rindfleisch

Our patties are made from Neuland beef, an association that cares as much for animal welfare as it does sustainable and environmentally friendly farming. Neuland concentrates on a social and quality-oriented rearing and upbringing of their beef, along with guaranteed transparency. If you want to know more, visit (only available in German)

Freddy Schilling handgemachte Fritten

Our fries are handmade from fresh potatoes every day. To achive maximum crunchyness, we finally found  the variety that is just right for our fries. We leave the peel on – not because we’re lazy, but because the skin gives the fries a great texture.

Handgemachte Soßen – auch zum Mitnehmen für zu Hause

Our sauces are influenced by Alfred Schilling’s original recipes. And if you can’t decide which you’ll like best with your fries, you can just order a sample platter with all of our sauces to try. And if there’s a sauce that you just can’t get enough of, you can buy it at the counter and take it home in a canning jar. 

Vegan, vegetarisch, glutenfrei

Are you looking for vegetarian, vegan or gluten free burgers? That’s no problem at Freddy Schilling! You can order any of our burgers with a vegan patty. All our burgers also come with a gluten free bun option that is even safe for people with a gluten intolerance.* Just let us know when your order!

*Since we process products containing gluten in our restaurants, there is always a small risk of traces of gluten in your burger.